Tools for the Task
Vital statistics
Type Storyline DLC
Quest Giver N/A
Location Udûn
Requirements None
Difficulty Hard
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous N/A
Next Petty Minds, Press the Advantage
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Tools for the Task is one of three Tower Missions that is available to the player upon completion of the prologue.


Take control of the region and construct a Forge Tower in defiance of the Dark Lord.

Defend your War Machines and defeat the local Captain to clear the way for your forces.

You will be fighting in two locations in this mission. Defend two machines/structures from being destroyed. You need to keep both of the buildings from being destroyed in order for the Warchief to show himself.


  • Use Shadow Strike to traverse between the two platforms.
  • This mission requires multitasking and keeping an eye on each buildings HP as you are fighting off hordes from the other.
  • Use Flash Brand to Brand multiple enemies in an AOE and keep your branded enemies fighting for you while you are on the other platform.

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