• In the ending, Talion's eyes glow yellow, and he says that it's time for a new ring. Does this mean he's possessed by Sauron, or another spirit, and if so, what could this mean for Celebrimbor? If it is true that he is possessed by Sauron, could it be that in the next game, the protagonist will be Sauron/Talion/Celebrimbor all merged together, attempting to dominate Middle Earth, or could it be that Talion is the antagonist?

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    • Well, considering how i'm replying to this in may of 2017, you probably already know the answer to this, but just in case you don't, No, Sauron is not possessing Talion at the end of the game. What we saw at the end is Celebrimbor and Talion agreeing that it's time for another ring of power to emerge and challenge the Dark Lord himself.

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