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They Shall Not Pass

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They Shall Not Pass
Urfael Render (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor)
Urfael, Talion's sword.
Vital statistics
Type Sword quest
Location Sea of Núrnen
Requirements None
Difficulty Hard
Rewards 500 + 50 Mirian
Quest progression
Can't beat one of the bosses? Our Super Walkthrough may be of help!
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They Shall Not Pass is a sword quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


"Holding the bridge on his own, no enemy could cross. As the battle raged, bodies filled the span and tumbled into the darkness below."


  • The mission area is a small area. Make sure to stay within the zone or it will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Use the Detonate ability to your advantage but be sure to conserve your fire barrels to the advantage.
  • Pin In Place is also a nice ability to use here. It will be tough to not allow the enemies to cross the bridge. Try to keep them in a 360 degree area around you and use AOE abilities like Wraith Flash and Wraith Burn.

Did You Know? Edit

  • The mission name is a reference to the Wizard Gandalf's quote in Fellowship of the Ring when Gandalf fought a Balrog to allow Frodo and his companions to escape the massive beast. That quote is, of course, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

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