The One Truth
QuestStart G3
A twenty-man job. Unless one happens to be a Wraith...
Vital statistics
Type Storyline
Quest Giver Gollum
Location Udûn
Requirements None
Difficulty Unknown
Rewards Shadow Strike ability
Quest progression
Previous Shattered Memories
Next The Black Captain
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The One Truth is a Gollum storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Talion comes to a ruin outside the cave where Gollum's footprints lead. He notices a lone Caragor grazing before a large beast leaps out and pummels it to death. Talion comments on the impossibility of taking on the creature, and instead decides to lure it away. By using caragor bait, he moves the beast away, and enters the cave where he follows Gollum's footprints to an old elven clasp. Upon holding the clasp, he immediately has a flashback of the Wraith's living body forging the legendary Rings of Power for Sauron. It is then realized that it is Sauron who wants the Wraith, revealed to be Celebrimbor, the greatest elven smith of the Second Age, and the forger of the Rings of Power. Gollum appears, and wants to know the location of the One Ring, but Celebrimbor has no memory of it. Gollum proceeds to try and find more artifacts so that Celebrimbor will remember, and return his "precious".

Trivia Edit

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