Shoddy Construction
Vital statistics
Type Side Mission DLC
Quest Giver N/A
Location Udûn
Requirements None
Difficulty Easy
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous N/A
Next Silver Persuasion, Don't Shoot the Messenger, Strength in Numbers
Can't beat one of the bosses? Our Super Walkthrough may be of help!

Shoddy Construction is one of four One Ring Missions that is available to the player upon completion of the Tower Missions.


The enemy has assembled Cranes to hurry the construction of their retaliatory War Machines. Raise a force to destroy the threat to your Towers.

You will be tasked with killing or Branding a group of 9 Uruks at the start. Once this task has been accomplished, you are told to destroy two structures within the vicinity.


  • It would be best to Brand the enemies at the start so they can help you destroy the structures.
  • The more enemies you have on your side, the easier to complete this mission.

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