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Shadow Under Siege
Azkar Render (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor)
Azkâr, Celebrimbor's bow.
Vital statistics
Type Bow quest
Location Udûn
Requirements None
Difficulty Moderate
Rewards 400XP, 200 + 50 Mirian
Quest progression
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Shadow Under Siege is a bow quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


"He waited beyond the iron walls, using anyone foolish enough to peer over the ramparts as target practice."

Objectives Edit

  • Kill 10 guards without entering Durthang
  • Bonus: Set 5 Uruks on fire


  • Staying within the mission zone is crucial. You will have to pick off your enemies from afar with your bow.
  • You may not have a shot at some guards. Use Distract (Y or Triangle in ranged mode) to maneuver the Uruks to where you can shoot them.
  • Destroy barrels or barricades to kill or open up LOS. Barrels or fires must be used if you are trying to achieve the bonus.
  • Bringing down the hanging bait will attract caragors and will help allow you to kill enemies while staying within the designated zone. If a caragor kills a guard, it counts toward the total.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The bow Azkar can be used to great effect in distracting the enemy by shooting down carcasses of meat for Caragor bait, or dropping a large hive of Morgai Flies to terrorize a Stronghold.
  • You can use an ability upgrade for Azkâr called Pin In Place that pins enemies to the ground for a short period to make them an easier target for a headshot or to halt their escape and stop a fleeing Uruk in his tracks.

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