1. How do I use Palantir™?

Check out this video below for a quick introduction about the app;

Shadow of Mordor Palantir Companion App - Tutorial01:21

Shadow of Mordor Palantir Companion App - Tutorial

2. So where does all of this content come from?

All of this content has been generated by editors of the Shadow of Mordor Wikia Community. In other words, fans just like you. Join the movement at

3. How do I get my stats and location synced with the game?

1. Sign into (or create) your WBID account in Palantir on your iPad.

2. Sign into your WBID account via the main menu of your game screen.

Once you're logged in on both of these devices, press sync on the bottom carousel in the Palantir home screen.

4. While the app is synced, can I explore content and navigate through the app?

Yes. You can always navigate around the app while in sync mode. Just click the X in the upper left hand corner to go back to the home screen and you will allowed to navigate any other features on the bottom carousel or app.

5. Do you still have questions we haven't answered?

Feel free to reach out to us here.

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