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Ioreth's Song is the song Ioreth sings on the Morannon before the return of the Shadow on Mordor and the invasion of the Uruks and the Black Captains on the gate. It is shown in a flashback, where Talion tries to surprise Ioreth with a gift of Niphredil. Moreover, it is also heard in one of the loading screens of the games.

The song mentions Anfalas, a southwestern region of Gondor.


On winds and waters may you cross,
See mountains white and blue.
But on your road, let's not forget
The love I have for you
Dance on beaches in Anfalas
Sleep in moonlit fields of view
May you cross another golden age
With preciousness free-flowing
With Halfling, Elves, and Dwarves engage,
Their wisdom on you bestowing.

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