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Loreth (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor)
Vital statistics
Race Man
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives Talion (husband), Dirhael (son), Hallas (father)
Position Talion's wife and mother to their son
Voice actor Laura Bailey
Appearances Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Ioreth is a character in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Talion's wife. She dies at the hands of the Black Hand at the beginning of the game.


Talion Ioreth

Ioreth with her husband prior to the return of the Shadow over Mordor.

Prior to the events of the game, Ioreth lived in Minas Tirith. There she was attacked by Asgon, a nobleman, but her husband Talion slew him. According to the laws of the kingdom Talion's life was forfeit to Gondor, despite Ioreth's pleadings to her father Hallas. It was not until Ioreth revealed to her father that she was pregnant with Talion's child that Hallas relented. Having pity for his daughter, Hallas accepted the offer that was given to him to command the Rangers of the Black Gate and brought Talion and Ioreth there. She later bore her son there.

She was an intelligent, practical woman accustomed to living among the Black Gate's austere conditions. Her focus was the welfare of her family and the rest of the garrison, all of whom she knew as friends. Her son becoming a Ranger was bittersweet to her. While proud to have raised a Ranger of Gondor, she mourned the “days of peace” she and her husband once planned to spend far from the gate once his days of duty were done such as Rohan or Esgaroth.


At the start of the game, she and Dirhael were killed in front of Talion, setting him off on his quest for vengeance. Ioreth told Talion that they would be together in death prior to being killed, though that has now since become impossible after Talion became a wraith.



  • Ioreth means "old woman" in Sindarin; iaur "old" plus feminine ending -eth.
  • The character shares her name with Ioreth from the Lord of the Rings. She is an old woman who is a nurse in the Houses of Healing, and helped restore the health of Faramir through her knowledge in lore.

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