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In the Flesh
Vital statistics
Type Outcast rescue quest
Quest Giver Random marked slaves
Location Sea of Núrnen
Requirements Have freed marked slaves
Difficulty Unknown
Rewards 400XP, 400 + 50 Mirian
Quest progression
Previous Unknown
Next Unknown
Can't beat one of the bosses? Our Super Walkthrough may be of help!

In the Flesh is an Outcast rescue mission in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


"These men served rotten meat to their master, and as punishment they were forced to eat the putrid flesh themselves. Save them before they succumb to disease."



  • You will be given 2 minutes to free each slave, and will only be able to see one at a time.
  • Because of the abundance of Caragor cages, you can ride a Caragor to travel to each destination quickly, and may use them to complete the bonus objective.

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