Heaving Rampage
All must bow before me!
Vital statistics
Type Side Mission
Quest Giver N/A
Location Sea of Núrnen
Requirements None
Difficulty Novice
Rewards None
Quest progression
Previous Unwarranted Aggression
Next Beast Master
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Heaving Rampage is a side mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.


"His enemies rallied to muster an army. They were unprepared to face the noxious weapon he rode into battle."



  • Once your Graug's health goes down to 25%, be sure to eat some surrounding Uruks to replenish it's health. The sweeping claw attack will not only grab an Uruk for consumption, but will also knock down and stun any other Uruks in the way.
  • Allow the Uruks to gather into larger groups to dispatch them more efficiently using the vomit pool ability.
  • Be wary of using projectile vomit too often, the Graug's health will decrease every time it is used.

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