Hearts and Minds
Vital statistics
Type Storyline DLC
Quest Giver N/A
Location Udûn
Requirements None
Difficulty Easy
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous N/A
Next Lawless Disorder, Servants in Chains
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Hearts and Minds is one of three Stronghold Captures that is available to the player upon completion of the Tower Missions.


Take control of the Stronghold by Dominating the local Warchief.

Brand supporters to draw out the Warchief. This particular mission is fairly straight forward and easy. You will need to brand 10 Uruks without the alarm being raised. Once you complete this, the Warchief will present himself.


  • Shadow Strike Brand is a great tool to use here as it will allow you to change elevation quickly and tag those who are supporters.
  • Try to save your fully charged Power of the One Ring for the Warchief. It will make it much easier to kill him.

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