From Hunter to Hunted
Uh-oh, she's a little hungry.
Vital statistics
Type Side Mission
Quest Giver N/A
Location Sea of Núrnen
Requirements None
Difficulty Easy
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous N/A
Next Beast Master
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From Hunter to Hunted is a side mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.

The Hunters thought they were at the top of the food chain. He showed them just how wrong they were.

You are tasked to take out 3 different Uruk camps, each consisting of 8 Uruks in each camp.


  • The locations all feature a variety of elevation, so using your bow to take out the archers overhead is ideal.
  • You can jump off your Caragath and allow the CPU to take control of your beast. That way you can clear camps more efficiently.

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