Vital statistics
Type Ranger
Tier One
Effect Death in the blink of an Uruk's eye...

Execution is a Ranger ability in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

It grants the capability to perform an instant combat kill when the Hit-streak is charged.

Description Edit

Executions do not instantly kill Captains & Warchiefs, but the move will instead inflict severe damage on them. The exceptions to this are those with the Weakness of "Vulnerable to Combat Finishers" (who will be killed instantly), and the Strength "Combat Master" (who will repel any attempt to Execute).

For those Captains that are fatally affected by Executions (either by not having "Combat Master" or being demoralized by their Fear), this is a vital move to prevent a dangerous Captain from coming back after being defeated, as most Execution moves result in a decapitation.

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