Drakes are new, rideable creatures set to appear in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.



The Drakes of Mordor are a breed of Lesser Dragon. While much smaller and less intelligent than their Greater forebears (such as Smaug the Golden), they retain the ability to breath fire and can prove to be a powerful force on the battlefield.

These Drakes are distinguished by the bony protrusions that extend from their lower jaw and along their spines, grey-green scales, and heavily armored skulls.

These Drakes are possibly re-designs of the Fell-Beasts of Lord of the Rings fame, though they feature several major differences from the movie beasts. The Drakes of Shadow of War are much bulkier than their film counterparts, and their hides are much rougher. They seem much more crocodile-like, while the fell-beasts have more in common with snakes. Also, the fell-beasts were said to not have the ability to breath fire, utilizing a poisonous fume dubbed The Black Breath instead.



Like the other beasts of Mordor, Talion and Celebrimbor can dominate and ride Drakes after wearing their health down to a certain point.

Drakes can not only fly, but also breathe two types of fire: a stream of flame that can burn enemies upon the ground, and a charged fireball that explodes like a bomb upon impact.

They can also physically attack Graugs, though they are just as likely to survive the encounter as their victim. While flying you can use a dive attack to grab orcs from the ground. Another use for the Drakes is as a flamethrower. They can be trapped in cages and forced to breath fire upon attackers.

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