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Drake is a type of creature newly to appear in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War.



Drake is a type of "Urulóki" (singular "Urulokë"), fire-breathing dragons albeit might be smaller in size. It is unclear how big drakes will grow up to and are there any differences to dragons.

Notable characteristics of drakes include to have spiky protrusions on lower jaw, upper and underbodies, and on tip of tails. Additionally, skull-like boney crest covering upper jaw and face with small, rather blanky eyes. Drakes do not have vivid horns on the heads, and have large jaws resembling those of crocdiles.

Being scaly and spiky than Fell-beasts, and drakes may have stronger built especially tails and hind legs, but has slightly shorter necks and tails than Fell-beasts.



As being a kin of dragons, drake has high potential in terms of engaging and attacking enemies, and flying.

Drake can use two types of breaths; flamethrower like fires and fire balls.

Despite being seemingly slim than other land-dwelling monsters, drakes may have surprisingly high endurance and power.

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