Vital statistics
Type Wraith ability
Tier 5
Effect Instant death to all living creatures under the Wraith's Mark.

Dispatch is an ability in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

It allows you to instantly kill all Uruks, Caragors, and Graug that Talion has branded.

This ability lends itself greatly to the last few Hunting Challenges, as one can dominate the Caragors, Graug, Dire Caragor, and Horned Graug, then activate the ability, killing them each immediately, fulfilling their respective challenges.


  • In The Bright Lord DLC, Celebrimbor can use a similar ability known as Consume, though not only dispatching all branded Uruks in the area, this ability also replensihes health for each dispatched Uruk.
    • Unlike Dispatch, it does not kill branded Captains and Warchiefs, preventing the killing of the more valuable Uruks.

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