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Dire Caragor are a type of creature in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Dire Caragors are a subspecies of the Caragor.


"The Caragor (Sindarin for "Row of Teeth" and "Bringer of Fear") is the ultimate predator within Mordor, having driven every rival species from Wargs to Lions into extinction within their territory. Like the Lion, this enormous hunter lords over Mordor, striking terror into even the Graugs and Great Beasts of Lithlad Plains."


Since the return of the Dark Lord to Mordor, a more powerful and savage species of Caragor has appeared. These "Dire Caragor" are easily recognized by their pale coloration and superior cunning. Many Uruk Beastmasters who seek to gain hierarchical status by hunting, exterminating, or enslaving the beasts of Núrn, have ended their days in the jaws of these fearsome creatures.

Dire Caragors resemble their lesser counterparts in appearance, but can be easily distinguished by a pale white pigmentation of the skin. They have more armor, and a health bar is always displayed above them (similar to a Graug). In the Wraith world, they can be quickly identified due to the red aura as opposed to the usual blue of lesser Caragors.

Dominating a Dire Caragor grants unique advantages over dominating a regular Caragor:

  • When riding a Dire Caragor, other lesser Caragor will follow you forming a pack with you as the pack leader. Up to 5 Caragor will follow you at a time, usually keeping a somewhat large distance.
  • If you are riding a Dire Caragor other lesser Caragor have a decent chance to spawn when you enter combat (unconfirmed) this can lead to fights quickly escalating and featuring upwards of 8 Caragor without the use of Caragor bait or Caragor cages.

Finding a Dire Caragor is a rare occurrence, as they tend to avoid hunting in the open with other Caragor.


  • Unless you are currently riding it, a dominated Dire Caragor will still attack and be attacked by lesser Caragor.
  • Caragor following or spawned by Dire Caragor will only be friendly as long as you remain atop the Dire Caragor, dismounting will lead to all non-dominated Caragor again becoming hostile.
  • Although Lesser Caragor will not attack you if you are atop a Dire Caragor, they will still attack any dominated Caragor you are not riding, even ones in your pack.
  • Caragors are hostile to men, unless they are Dominated.


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