Climbing the Ranks
QuestStart R2
Ratbag put to the sword. Will one be there to defend him?...
Vital statistics
Type Storyline
Quest Giver Ratbag
Location Udûn
Requirements None
Difficulty Medium
Rewards Rune, +250 Mithrin
Quest progression
Previous The Spirit of Mordor, An Interested Party
Next The Warchief
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Climbing the Ranks is a Ratbag storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


As Ratbag is brought forth to be executed by a Captain, Brogg the Twin, Talion contemplates helping him before being reminded by the Wraith that they need him to deal with the Warchiefs. After interrupting the execution, and felling the captain, another deal is made to have Ratbag claim credit for the kill, and increase his standing in the uruk hierarchy.


  • Stealth is an ideal strategy for this mission. Using elevation to your advantage is something that you should consider.
  • Perhaps spending a couple points in a bow upgrade; either in Ammo capacity or focus, will help you execute enemies a bit more efficiently.

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