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Caragaths are a subspecies of Caragor encountered in the Lord of the Hunt downloadable content.


Caragaths are described as being stealthy, allowing Talion to attack from the shadows when mounted upon one. If Wargs are comparable to Wolves and Caragors are similar to Lions, then Caragaths are like Tigers, able to attack from the shadows.

When mounted on a Caragath, stealth kills are also possible, though are only for even and above ground elimination. However, they do not possess any stealth kill that behaves similarly to Brutalize.


Like Caragors, Caragaths can be found wandering in packs, in cages, or lured by bait. In addition to these encounters, non-hostile Caragaths can also be found following an Uruk that has likely subdued them. Caragaths encountered this way are non-hostile towards all Uruks, but will become hostile as soon as a fight begins.


  • Exact etymology is not known, but caragath is likely a combination of the Sindarin word carag ("spike, tooth of rock") and the collective plural suffix -ath. Thus it can mean "many spikes" or "dual spikes", the latter referring to the beast's long canine teeth. It could also mean "spike cavern", with gath ("cavern") used instead.


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