Blood-Stained Buckler
Vital statistics
Map Sea of Núrnen
Location Cave in the east - Harad Basin
Blood-Stained Buckler map
Location on the map.

Blood-Stained Buckler is an artifact that can be found in Sea of Núrnen.


The Blood-Stained Buckler artifact can be found in a cave at Harad Basin, in the eastern part of Sea of Núrnen.

Dwarven-made and built to withstand great amounts of punishment, this wood-and-steel buckler served its user well. Many marks and scorings hint to its usefulness in combat, but the blood stains are perhaps an indication of a grim outcome for the Dwarf who carried it into battle.

Memory AudioEdit

"Brother…? Brother, where are you…?

The bloody Graug knocked me senseless… and… brother… By Durin's beard, no. No, no, this shouldn't be…

This is my fault. I should've been more prepared… I should've listened to you… I should've been a better hunter.

I will avenge you, brother. I will hunt this Graug in your name. And I will be the hunter you always wanted me to be."

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