Blasted Uruks!
You can run, but you'll still die.
Vital statistics
Type Storyline Mission
Quest Giver N/A
Location Sea of Núrnen
Requirements None
Difficulty Hard
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Swift Tracking
Next Hypocritical Oath
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Blasted Uruks! is a Main Mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.

Chase down and kill Uruk Couriers in order to draw out Ashgarn Smuggler.

In this particular mission, you are tasked to taking down several convoys of smugglers atop Caragors. You will need to utilize the Caragath Swiftness ability in order to make sure you stop all parties from reaching their destination. Once the Caragor riders have been dispatched, the Warchief will present himself.


  • Use rocks and structures to trigger the Caragath Swiftness ability in order to slow down time and make it easier for you to kill all the convoys.

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