Belching Monstrosity
The Lord of the Hunt screenshot (3)
Archers are no long safe.
Vital statistics
Type Side Mission
Quest Giver N/A
Location Sea of Núrnen
Requirements None
Difficulty Easy
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Unwarranted Aggression
Next Beast Master
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Belching Monstrosity is a side mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.

The servants of the Dark Lord sent archers to halt his progress through the wilderness. Their attacks would be returned with vile consequences.

In this side mission, you will be tasked with riding a Wretched Graug and killing 20 archers with its acid ability.


  • There will be melee Uruks that will be a nuisance to you. Spray the archers with the acid and eat the melee uruks to regain your health.

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